Monday, October 8, 2012

Maxx Sucks

Sometimes I blog on-the-go, on paper, with a pen. Woah, pre-historical tools!! I know, so a-mah-zing. Here's one of them, written at this random fast-food place called McDonalds, idk if you've heard of it... oh well, enjoy :)

Gosh I'm so cold and upset. Waiting at that bloody bustop for 17 minutes enduring the wind and cold for what - NOTHING. It said "due" on that stupid sign and nothing came. It was like that for what felt like a lifetime. The bus came and it said North Something (not actually "something" but you know what I mean...) instead of the usual 455 so it wasn't my bus (duh) but I was SO excited when I saw it from afar that I jumped out of my seat. Literally. Bloody shaming...
Then the "due" was replaced by an ugly "24". Arrrrgh dub-tee-eff Max?!?!
So I got frustrated and came to McDonalds  to pay for an overpriced (but still yummy) Hazelnut Mochaccino and chocolate croissant from the cafe half of McDonalds. Which is getting cold because I'm writing and not consuming them... woops. I would've ordered from the actual fast-food menu because as angry as I was, I still was in the right mind not to ruin my lipstick...
Oh, and to top it all off - people eating non-cafe food are sitting in the cafe section of the restaurant (you know, quiet, small tables, comfy chairs) so I'm stuck in the fast-food section with loud children and angry parents.
This is totally killing my post-Anna-and-the-French-Kiss buzz. Ugh.

Okay, so that's all I wrote at the McDonalds. I should add though, Anna and the French Kiss is a book I'd just finished reading at the library and I was still in the high of it all but then all this happened. However, this story does have a happy ending. My amazing cousin, Lea, came and picked me up and we hung out and did some window shopping (and bought confectionary goodies). She's pretty much my hero. Yep.

Thank you for enduring my first-world-problem blog and hopefully you don't think any less of me - I'm only human! lol

Good night :)

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