Saturday, November 10, 2012


I - individualistic. you are unapoligetically you. you do what you believe in. pretty admirable esp cos we're like teens - at the peak of our conformity-ness-ish-stage.

M - meticulous. everything you care about is paid the closest attention to ensure it happens as right as possible. you care a lot. it's funny, cute and OTT most of the time - but it's cool. somebody's got to be.

M - merriment. we always have good, big, laughs that give us sore bellies, red faces and leave us gasping for air. good, good times. very good. good. good.

Y - yolo. cos we beez so yolo up in hurr wit all our drinking and partaaaaaying.

so like, haaaaaapy burfday Immy! :)

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