Thursday, November 29, 2012

We Don't Own Celebrities

So one thing on the internet that gets me legitimately enraged is seeing people get angry at celebrities for not being the people they think the famous person should be. They get mad that their idols change, grow up and live their lives. WHAT THE DKSFJCHLDKUCHDKSC! It's just one thing I can't understand. My lack of empathy about this just makes me angry. Lack of understanding tends to do that. Therefore, I allow myself to get angry.

So I was scrolling through Miley Cyrus' Instagram photos and every. single. one. of them had idiotic rude comments - why are people so mean to people they don't know?! WHAT THE FREAK SOCIETY?!?! People are STILL going on about Hannah Montana days... she's 20 people, not 16 anymore. Also, they're devastated about her cutting off her hair. SRSLY?! They're all, "oh... it was better before... why did you go and do that for... FAKE... that's ugly now..." That's mean. Why would you say that to someone you don't know? We. Don't. Know. Her.

We don't any celebrity really. Who we see is not their complete personality - in some cases, it's none of their personality. Sometimes they pretend to be more charismatic and friendly because they need to be. Of course they're smiling at premieres and willing to take photos - they gots to promote their art. They're proud of their work and are glad so many people like it. They're appreciative. They don't love their fans. Well, not the love we're looking for. They're extremely grateful and know they're nothing with us. They love what you do for them, for allowing them to live their dream job and make money off it to be well off. But they don't personally love you for who you are - because they don't know you. And we don't know them. 

And they don't owe us anything. Nothing. They don't dream of being an actors so they can be a role model. They want to act. Musicians want their music to be listened to and loved and maybe understood - they don't want people to follow them around and take photos of their everyday lives. Sure, there are those who welcome that kind of attention - but there are LOADS more who don't. 

Why do we ask these famous artists to be more than artists to us? Why do we demand them to be the best of humanity? Why do we pressure them to be everything we're not? Why do expect explanations and justifications from them for their life choices? These famous people are regarded less and less for their profession and more and more about their relationship status, aesthetics and morality. They are not great philosophers or moral teachers. They're just everyday, sometimes nasty, sometimes selfless, sometimes ugly, sometimes generous, sometimes depressed, sometimes glamourous, sometimes lonely, sometimes everything people. Like us, Yeah they live in more luxury than most of us - but that doesn't mean they're better people. It shouldn't mean they have to be.  

Okay, now that that's out of my system, I'm much more calm.

Good night :)

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