Monday, December 31, 2012


So this is the end.

End of the year.
End of my high school life.
And end of this blog.

It saddens me deeply to say but I'm saying byebye to my baby

It's not that I want a fresh start... I kinda like being able to store my posts since 2010.

But in about four years time, I want to maybe be a teacher. Idk, it's a possibility. And keeping that possibility in mind, I don't want my future students to be able to keep track of my life and deepest thoughts.

I also don't want my future employers to be able to find me so easily. Laura Toailoa isn't exactly the most anonymous of blog titles.

However, I won't delete this blog - but it shall remain a time capsule of teenage, high school me. I just hope adult me doesn't suffer because of what now-me wrote on this beloved blog.

So, I'm starting up another blog somewhere is the blogosphere and if ya wanna know where, send me an email at to ask :) I've met some pretty cool people through this blog and I wanna take you with me... I just wanna leave behind the nosey general public. lol

So yeah, byebye sometimes readers. To my faithful readers, I'm sure you'll get a hand on my new blog so don't fret.

I can't believe I'm really doing this... I've thought about it for a few months and now I'm really properly doing it... woah... change, I can handle you!

Good day :)


  1. Gonna miss reading this blog......
    Best of luck for the future :)

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