A bit o' Laura

I like to think I'm creative but what I actually do is recycle other people's creativity and try not to look like I have.

I like blogging because it's an outlet, because it stores my thoughts, because it lets me say what I struggle to say in real life.

It's my last year in high school and to be honest, I'm scared about what will happen when I finish. Where will I go? Where will I live? What university will I go to? Will I even go to university? It's never been a question until now. 

I love my parents, siblings and nieces. My friends are really cool too! I've read stories about people who feel real lonely because they don't have any real friends so I'm so grateful to have a few. 

I started blogging because my brother encouraged me to. I was hesitant at first but I finally gave in. I'm glad he did though. Blogging's so much fun! Thanks for being a part of it :)